Richpeace Automatic Single Head Sewing Machine (Extra Heavy Materials)

Speed: 500-1000RPM
Size: 900X600mm
Voltage: 220V/380V

Application: Cargo lashings, safety harnesses, heavy lifting equipment, pipe slings, body armor, heavy duty equestrian harnesses and various super heavy and tough material sewing.

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Product Introduction

  • Working speed: 500-1000rpm.
  • Especially suitable for super heavy material sewing. Presser foot lift up to 40mm, able to sew about 15mm height material.
  • Able to use #10-#20 thread, hollow thread & fibre glass thread.
  • Super large 3 times capacity rotary hook (Koban).
  • 3-Axis servo motor driving, ensure high precision sewing.
  • Automatic thread breakage alarm and stop machine.
  • Automatic oiling system, automatic needle cooling device.


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