Richpeace Blanket Sewing Machine

Speed: 2500rpm
Power: ​11.4KW
Voltage: 380V

This machine is widely used for quilts, quilt cover, blanket, etc.


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Product Introduction

  • Two head, two saddletrees structure, which can sew two beds at same time.
  • Automatic feeding, spreading, sewing and cutting.
  • Max. speed can up to 2500rpm, normal working speed 2000rpm.
  • Special clamping keeps sewing stitch close to fabric edge.
  • Table support transfer ensures precise stitches.
  • Professional and powerful quilting software for designing, editing and simulation of the quilt patterns.

Product Parameters

Series RPS-CF-1926-S2H1-S50-P26
Max. Sewing Width (mm) 1900
Max. Sewing Length (mm) 2600
Max. Sewing Thickness (mm) 50
Max.Working Speed (rpm) 2500
Voltage 11.4Kw
Dimension(mm) 10930*4580*2000


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