Richpeace Computerized Multi-needle Chain Stitch Quilting Machine

Speed: 250~1200RPM
Power: 6.5KW
Voltage: 380V

This machine is widely used for quilting high quality mattress, quilt cover and other household ornaments.


Product Video

Product Introduction

  • Strengthened double rocket system, rigid and durable,ensure machine running more quietly at high speed.
  • Bottom/upper thread breakage detection function.
  • Infrared sensor detect thread breakage, then automatically stop, lift needles and CNC control speed.
  • Cut and loose thread automatically with air cylinder when quilting tack and jump patterns.
  • Rollers and screw mandrel are used with Japan Panasonic servo motors ensure precise quilting.
  • Pattern combination function to creat more designs.

Product Parameters

No. of Needle Bar 3 Bar
Max. Quilting Thickness (mm) 80 80
Quilting Width  (mm) 2450
Stitch Length (mm) 3-8 3-8
X-axis Movement Displacement  (mm) 410 410
Quilting Speed (rpm) 250-960 250~1200
Production Speed (m/h) 60-230 45-180
Power 6.5Kw 6.5Kw
Voltage 380V
Dimension (mm) 4800*1600*2000 4715*1200*2015


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