Richpeace Computerized Single-color Single Roll Quilting and Embroidery Machine

Speed: 750rpm
Power: 5~7kw
Voltage: 220V/380V

This machine is widely used for all kinds of bedding products and garement, such as, bed quilt, bed cover, pillow cover, seat cover , hand bag, etc.


Product Video

Product Introduction

  • 1 color, 66 needles working together to realize high efficiency production.
  • Minimum needle interval 50.8mm(2 inches),alternative working could up to 101.6mm、203.2mm according to production demand.
  • Working speed 750RPM
  • Automatic thread breakage detection.
  • Japan jumbo size rotary hook, 2.2 times thread capacity than normal.


Product Parameters

Series RPCQ-VE-66,1-50.8 (101.6,152.4,203.2)-2-NT-1 RPCQ-VE-66,1-76.2 (152.4,228.6)-2-NT-1
Needle No. 66 44
Working Speed (rpm) 750 750
Needle Interval (mm) 50.8、101.6、152.4、203.2 76.2、152.4、228.6
Quilting Width(mm) 3576
Power 3 phase 380V , or single phase 220V
Voltage 7Kw 5Kw
Dimension(mm) 5278*1400*1700 5264*1400*1700


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