Richpeace Computerized Single Needle Quilting Machine-Lift Head

Speed: 3000 rpm/min
Voltage: 220V/380V

This machine is widely used for producing all kinds of bedding products, such as: bed quilts, comforters, bed cover, bed mat, sleeping bags, mattress cover, sofa cover etc.


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Product Introduction

  • Highest speed up to 3000rpm, normal working speed 2600-2800rpm with precise quilting.
  • Adjustable height special design sewing head , presser foot driving independently that suitable for special production with thin and thick material production demand.
  • Adjustable and extendable aluminium quilting frames, the size of frame can be adjusted freely according the production demand.
  • Four Panasonic servo motors provide powerful and accurate driving force.
  • Special design of position between needle and hook (clearance between needle and hook ) to avoid the big wear and tear on the hook , prolong life span of the machine.
  • Original Japan Koban rotary hook and bobbin case.
  • Automatic trimming , thread breakage detection as well as mending function , machine will automatically stop once thread gets broken , after-threading sewing head will back to the stopping point to continue quilting.

Optional Items

  • Safety Protection– Infrared facility increases safety factor

    – working area protection from two side and back side of machine

  • Easy Frame Changer  – Double layers frame changer, for preparing material and change quilt frames easily.

    – Adjustable and extendable aluminium quilting frames, the size of frame can be adjusted freely according the production demand

  • Automatic Frame Changer– Frame up & down drive by motors automatically

    – Easy to feed quilt frames to the quilting machine with just a breeze push

    – Operate by one person easily which decrease the workload.

  • Wifi/USB Pattern Transfer– Optional Wifi pattern transfer devices, able to transfer patterns directly from office computer control system to quilting machine.

    – Alternative pattern transfer by USB key

  • Belt Support System– Belt support system available based on 1:1 design quilting machine, offer support on the back side of quilt, flatten the material during whole working process.

    – Specially good for production of down filled duvet, mattress top, or separated fiber filled comforters, such as wool, ball fibers, prevent filling material slip or accumulation during quilting.

    – High Pattern accurancy for heavy material but high pattern quality products such as sofa, funiture quilting.

  • Rotary Up Head– After finish quilting , sewing head rotatingl up automatically , easy for changing frame.
  • Automatic Bobbin Winder– Wind or re-wind bobbin thread automatically,labor saving.
  • Quilting Frame & Clamps① Standard frame clamp

    ② Long arm clamps(option)

    ③ Small nip clamps(option)

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