Richpeace Flatbed Cutting Plotter(Richpeace Flatbed Inkjet Cutting Plotter)

Speed: 1000mm/S
Voltage: 110V~220V

Richpeace Flatbed Inkjet Cutting Plotter is suitable for garment,gloves, bags&luggage,shoes,toy etc. for making board, cutting, drawing line, drawing and text marking etc. and It instead of traditional manual development design and proofing.

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Product Introduction

  • Easy connection with USB\HP Inkjet Print Head technology,easy and convenient to replace.
  • Compatible with most popular brands of Garment CAD software outputted HP-GL format files.Servo motor ensure high speed plotting and smooth working.
  • Adopt imported linear guide rail to ensure stability.
  • Automatic feeding system, loading paper and pulling more convenient.

Product Parameters

Function\ Type RP-TM1512 S-MJ,KC                RP-TM1209S-MJ,KC
Machine Dimension(长*宽*高):mm 2130×1735×1100 1830×1435×1100
Cutting Area:LengthXWidth mm 1500×1200 1200×900
Cutting Speed:mm/s 1000
Cutting Thickness:mm ≤2mm
Cutting Material Brown paper、Thick cardboard, white cardboard, chicken skin paper, etc
Cutting Knife Rotating Blade
Plotter Device HP45 Inkjet Print Heads(two)
Material Fix Method Vacuum Suction
Data Port USB port
Buffer Size 32MB
Coding System HPGL commands
Control Panel LCD Screen and Keypad
Voltage:V AC220V(110V)±10%
Frequency:Hz 50HZ/60HZ
Pump Voltage:V AC220V(110V)±10%
Temperature:℃ 0℃-40℃
Humidity: Relative humidity is not more than 85%(25℃)
Noted:the working environment should be without strong magnetic field and electric field interference.


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