SP-1007BS-09XJ/10XJ/11XJ Automatic Elastic Ribbon Splicing Machine

Full automatic process: Auto feeding, cutting, stitching and collecting can be done by one button .
One operator can look after several machines at the same time ,8000-12000PCS elastic can be stitched / 8h /set.

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Apply to multiple specification rubber jointing, sewing lines smooth and beautiful.

Receipt device

Rotary working plate receives material incessantly .Every bar receives materials around 200pieces ,total 600 pieces one time.

Ways of stitching

The machine has two ways of stitching, namely overlapping and butt. After stitching, the rubber fiber has length range of 200mm-999mm and width range of 6mm-60mm.

Ironing device & Broken thread detector

Special ironing device flattens the furrowed elastic ribbon .Sensitive broken thread detector stops and alarms once there is broken thread.

Special tightening wheel of screws

Special tightening wheel of screws lowers the difficulty of adjusting the size of elastic ribbon to a large extent.

Stop automatically

The machine will stop automatically once the elastic ribbon has a joint or is depleted during continuous cycle sewing.

SP-1007BS-10XJ (Graphic visual identification system)

Graphic visual identification system: the machine introduces advanced technology of Keyence sensor ,which ensures the absolute middle position between logo and Splicing place by accurately identifying LOGO position. The machine reduces the quantity of waste efficiently ,as it is able to sew one big size and one small size of elastic ribbon simultaneously.It’s a milestone in the sewing industry to introduce visual identification into sewing.


Reduce the working proceure of manual point to point labeling so that can improve the efficiency.

Small length cut tolerance

It adopts the rotary pulling device and motor to feed the elastic which guarantee the length cut tolerance is within 2mm.
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