SP-1010BS Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine

Electronic pattern sewing machine SP series,with highest speed ,high efficient and beautiful sewing lines ,can be flexibly applied to wide range of sewing.Adopting energy saving technology ,it saves more energy and is more environmental-friendly.


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  •  Tension sewing
  •  High quality sewing
  •  Standard break sensor
  •  Low power consumption, high speed, high efficiency
  •  Fast,convenient pattern edition
  •  Strengthening machine needle penetration force
  •  Superior Modified space
  •  Two types of editing softwares.

High quality sewing

Stable, beautiful appearance and high quality sewing stitch, the input data can be set for each pulse of 0.05mm high resolution. It can sew beautiful smooth curve and slash. And can sew simple embroidery, embroidery machine is generally very difficult to be competent in the thick fabric on the embroidery can be accomplished.
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