SP-1310AS-H/PB Automatic Sewing Leather Tag Machine

It is suitable for sewing leather tags or signs for luggage and clothes.The sewing range is 130×100mm.The sewing platform is specially designed,which can provide suitable sewing location for sewing materials,with simple and flexible operations.

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  •  high efficiency ,high quality
  •  Flexible and simple operation
  •  Quick, easy and precise
  •  Low power consumption,high effciency

High efficiency and high quality

Traditional plain sewing of leather tags has output of 60 tags per hour.However,SUPREME automatic sewing leather tag machine can process a leather tag every 4 seconds,900 tags every hour,which improves productivity by 15 times.

Rapid and simple operating system

Touch screen operating system, facilitates pattern editing and data management. It has good compatibility, which is compatible with 210D/210E and BA tricks. At the same time, it has functions of dual patterns making and modification.
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