SP-2210DH-ASN/ADN Automatic Pocket Pattern Sewing Machine(Single/Double Needle)

The machine is mainly used for pocket decorative stitch sewing for work wear, jeans and casual wear. The electronic tricks equipped in the machine head can sew all kinds of tackings and decorative stitches in addition to common plat sewing stitches. The range of sewing is 220mm×100mm, which can be used to sew all kinds of pocket decorative stitches.

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Creative ,mistake-free

The double needle pocket pattern machine ,creative design of Supreme ,avoids the mistakes of sewing area and stithcing lines which was accured while repositioning after alternating machine.With beautiful and precise sewing effect of double needle ,it attracks more orders for the factory.

Fully-automatic,high efficiency and stable

The fully-automatic machine integrated feeding ,sewing and collecting into one process ,which enables one work to operate 3 machines at one time .It is stable and efficient.
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