SP-2210MJ-ASN/ADN Automatic J Stitching Machine(Single/Double Needle)

Stitch sewing machine : is for J stitch sewing on jeans, leisure trousers,uniforms,etc.

The J stitch pattern can be programmed by specific programming soft which can meet the needs for different trousers. And also can be used on the dotted sewing,pocket pattern sewing.

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Originality design to avoid the error

It can sew by the use of lines with two colors,so as to avoid the positioning errors generated by secondary stitch position of the sewing machine. At the same time of completion of flat stitching, tacking and decorative lines and other special stitches can be synchronized to complete.

Full automatic high efficient and stable

The equipment can realize automatic positioning, automatic feeding, automatic material, automatic sewing, etc.. One person can simultaneously operate two machines.
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