SP-3020TD-MSN/MDN Semiautomatic Pocket Sewing Machine(Single/Double Needle)

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Standard break sensor

The machine can be used for sewing process of rear pockets in various fields, such as jeans , casual pants , uniforms , work clothes, etc. ; the machine holds functions of automatic feeding, automatic sewing , automatic rewinding. Its exclusive air suction device is capable of absorbing pants smoothly and stably. Its automatic line-breaking sensing device can automatically stop the machine and alarm after the line is broken.

Originality design to avoid the error

The Dual needles Semiautomatic Pocket Sewing Machine, which is uniquely designed, can sew by the use of two-color line, so as to avoid the positioning and sewing area errors generated by secondary stitch position of the sewing machine. At the same time, effect of sewing with two colors lines is beautiful and precise, which helps your factory to win more special orders.

Application of multi functional range

One machines has multiple functions. It can sew pockets with all kinds of shapes, such as round, square, curved, asymmetric pocket; at the same time, it can also be used to sew rear pocket, Leather Tags, bright lines of pocket cover and decorative pockets, etc.

Rapid and simple operating system

Touch screen to operate system, facilitates pattern editing and data management. It has good compatibility, which is compatible with 210D/210E and BA tricks. At the same time, it has functions of dual patterns making and modification.
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