SP-3578/380-JF Automatic Rolled Hemming Machine

Applicable to the sewing of pocket mouth of different fabric thickness or sizes, no special adjustment required. Rolling, binding, sewing and receiving are completed at once.

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General suggestions

  •  High-productivity work mode: one machine, one person. The operator just needs to feed the fabrics, and the machine will finish sewing and receiving automatically.
  •  Balanced work mode: the operator may use SP-1850-JF or the Automatic Pocket Pattern Sewing Machine (SP-2210DH) cooperatively for the production of small orders. The operator conducts the automatic rolled hemming of the pocket mouth first, and then will have the pocket patterns sewed. Two machines are operated by one person, which balances the production and significantly improves the production efficiency.


  •  1.This machine is used for automatic rolled hemming of pocket mouth. It adopts the new mechanical design for more flexible mechanical applications. The binder is applicable for the sewing of pocket mouth of different fabric thickness and sizes without any adjustment, which avoids the complexity of the traditional sewing that an appropriate folder needs to be customized as different fabric thickness.
  •  2.A same pneumatic conveyor is used for fabric feeding, sewing and discharging, which guarantees the seams will not be elongated or arched, so as to improve the product quality. In addition, the adjustable folder is able to meet various style requirements.
  •  3.The length of pocket mouth for double needle sewing can be directly adjusted by the control panel for quick pitch change.
  •  4.Thread break senor is included as a standard feature.
  •  5.Automatic collecting device: the received sewing materials are stored in the conveyor, no need for manual sorting.


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