SP-4530BS Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine

With a wide range of sewing 450mm*300mm,this machine is more suitable for sewing of shoes.
4530BS can sew a pair of shoes upper in one time compared with traditional sewing techniques which sews only single upper.

4530H doubles the efficiency of sewing ,which in return improves the productivity and reduces cost.


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  •  Electronic tension device
  •  Large sewing area
  •  Accurate and stable stitches
  •  Three-position rotary table (optional)
  •  Automatic pattern changing via bar code scanner (optional)
  •  Upper thread clamping device

Using servo motor system

The servo motor system improves the accuracy by five times from 0.05mm to 0.01mm,the highest accuracy in the industry,compared with traditional stepping motor feeding mechanism.Besides,it also reduces noise by 10db,feeds faster,improves the stitching trace in contrast with traditional system.
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